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About Sermon and Song, Inc.

Sermon and Song, Inc., is a non-profit religious organization founded by the late Dr. J. Bennett Collins.

Dr. J. Bennett Collins, Founder

Birth: Brother Collins was born in Greenville, South Carolina.

Conversion: He was converted at the early age of 7 years in Fayetteville, North Carolina, in the House-Ramsay Revival Crusade.

Schooling: Brother Collins went to elementary schools in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. He attended Taylors High in Taylors, South Carolina. He attended Greenville Bible Institute and took special work at Bob Jones University. He also studied music and voice at Bob Jones University and under Mr. Carl Stough of New York City and Mrs. Lowe of Greenville, South Carolina. He received an Honorary Doctorate from Indiana Baptist College, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Ministry: Brother Collins began preaching at 15 years of age with the Lynn Garden Evangelistic Group in Kingsport, Tennessee. After schooling he joined a leading evangelist as song leader and assistant evangelist. He worked in this capacity for 17 years. In 1958 he began booking revivals as the evangelist.

Radio: The Sermon and Song Program is heard regularly on many radio stations in the United States and foreign countries.

Denomination: Brother Collins was an Independent Baptist minister though his work was not limited to Baptist churches alone. He traveled widely in the United States and several foreign countries conducting revival meetings in Bible-believing churches. He was a former president of the International Fellowship of Fundamentalists.